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(An Affiliate of AMATYC -- The American Mathematical Associate of Two-Year Colleges: Community College Mathematics in Michigan)

MichMATYC Officers

Jack Rotman, Lansing Community College, President
Bernard Cunningham, Mott Community College, Past President
 Sam Bazzi, Henry Ford Community College,  Secretary/Treasurer

MichMATYC Conference  
October 3 - 4, 2014
Lake Michigan College

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Online resource:  Mathematics Courses at ALL Michigan Community Colleges
compiled by Vilma Mesa (U Michigan)

Karen Sharp Student Scholarship -- Revised due date (June 1, 2014) ... Forms available NOW

MichMATYC Teaching Excellence Award -- Revised due date (May, 2014) ... Forms available NOW


Developmental Mathematics : an On-Line Community  
     A collaborative effort to bring basic change to our developmental mathematics courses -- a 'super-charged redesign'.
  Membership is open to all faculty.


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