MichMATYC Teaching Excellence Award

Teaching Excellence Award

Since 1999, the MichMATYC Teaching Excellence Award recognizes the high quality of instruction occurring at Michigan’s two-year colleges. The selection criteria include instructional effectiveness and support of students, professional involvement and professional development activities, interaction with colleagues and service to department and college.

Nominations are invited from MichMATYC individual members and/or supervisors. Members may nominate themselves.

The selection criteria used for the award are:

  • Instructional Effectiveness and Support of Students (e.g., effective and innovative teaching strategies, assessment methods, curriculum development, learning environment, etc.)

  • Professional Involvement and Professional Development (e.g., active participation in professional organizations, specifically MichMATYC, presentations, articles, conferences, etc.)

  • Interaction with Colleagues (e.g., team teaching, project collaboration, faculty mentorship, etc.)

  • Service to the Departments/Division/College

A nominee must:

  • be a MichMATYC member at the time of the application deadline currently employed as a classroom instructor in a two-year college or other institution granting only associate degrees

  • have a minimum of 5 years of full-time or part-time teaching experience at a two-year college in Michigan

  • not be a past recipient

A complete nomination packet consists of:

  • A nomination form and a resume or curriculum vitae (not to exceed 3 pages in 10-12 point font)

  • A letter of recommendation from the nominator (not to exceed 3 pages in 11-12 point font)

  • An additional letter of recommendation from either a colleague or a supervisor other than the nominator (not to exceed 2 pages in 11-12 point font)

  • A summary of the nominee’s most recent student evaluations (not to exceed one page in 11-12point font).

Submit the completed nomination form, resume/curriculum vitae, letters of recommendation, and summary of recent student evaluations nominations online to te-award@michmatyc.org.

Nomination Information:

Deadline: May 15, 2023

Nomination Form

Contact Information:

Jon Oaks

Macomb Community College

Chair, Teaching Excellence Award Committee

Teaching Excellence Award Winners