The strength of MichMATYC is the membership and your membership makes a statement. It tells others that your profession is important to you and that you want to be a part of its growth and direction in the state of Michigan. The organization offers you an opportunity to join with other individuals who are interested in mathematics education at the two-year college level.

Why should you become a MichMATYC member? The individual membership includes the following benefits:

Please accept this invitation to join our organization. We would like to develop a strong organization involving faculty and staff from all community college campuses in the state, and others from four-year campuses that have an interest in mathematics education in the first two years of college.

Membership Types

The annual membership fee is just $10 and includes several opportunities and benefits that are provided in the list above.  We also offer the option of a lifetime membership for a one-time payment of $150, which carries all benefits and privileges of an active annual membership in effect at the time of joining or in the future if new benefits are added.  This is not included in the conference registration fee any longer due to the lifetime membership option.

To join or renew membership, fill out our membership application below.  

We appreciate your time, effort, and support of our organization!